Excited! I Got Something New

Most of you can remember a time when you received a present and couldn’t wait to open it up or when you had a new outfit and were on a countdown because you had to wait till Christmas day to put it on or for new Mothers who had to check on their new born baby every 2 minutes because you couldn’t believe that they were yours. Well this is the season I am in. 

For awhile now, I have been aware of my purpose here on earth. Yes it is true that God gave us talents and he put us here on earth not just to exist but to use our talents as best as possible. Mine is “To provide love and support to those who need it and sharing my gifts, talents, and wealth with those who are less fortunate.” 

At the beginning of this year when I signed up for a leadership course at Harvest Institute, we were asked to write down our  purpose and the strategy we were going to use to make sure that we lived out our purpose. We did this and also nominated people that we were accountable to who would see us live according to the values that we listed and to see to it that we live out our purpose.

Now back to my excitement.  I needed to give you something so that you understand where I am coming from. Before I joined Harvest Institute, I knew that God had placed me here on earth to Love and Care for his people and that I did effortlessly. I have not had the space though for this ministry but now God has not only provided that space but also given me people that like me, are on a mission to love and care for his people. I am excited about where this is going and like a little child, mine is the best present ever, the best dress and like a first time Mother, I am excited to see this child grow!

Come See what the Lord has done! 




My Uganda Airlines Story

For the past few days, Ugandans have been all over social media, each person with their own opinion about our Uganda Airlines. Sometimes some of these comments have not been too kind, especially coming from a Ugandan but its a free world and all are entitled to their own opinions.

Mine is a road down memory lane. Back to the days when my Mother; did I mention very beautiful Mother was employed by Uganda Airlines. It was a time when we were entitled to ‘free’ tickets subject to availability and we traveled to Nairobi quite often. The memory that clearly comes to mind is when we heard her voice sometimes announcing a flight. It all felt like the airport belonged to us and we loved her job. The only downside to this were the night shifts that she had to work sometimes and maybe sometimes when we had to be returned home because the flight was full and we couldn’t travel; those were embarrassing moments especially because we had announced our travel to the whole neighbourhood. Life was good. And then Uganda Airlines was no more.

Today I share another story, Uganda Airlines is back into my life. Excited to see what it has in-store for Uganda.


Does my question make sense? What I mean is why are some people not connected to any church or why do they not belong to any church?

If you are waiting for unchurched people to show up in church because their lives are falling apart, you have so much waiting to do because they are quite happy and successful, they don’t feel guilty about not going to church on Sunday, they believe in God and you cannot tell them anything new because they know more about God and the bible than you will ever know.

But why are they unchurched?

Some have left church because it wasn’t such a good experience. Others because they didn’t feel valued, some would argue that the church was only interested in their money. Some say that church is monotonous, the preaching isn’t deep. Others got busy with life, children, work and yet others are dealing with depression. Some people have rebelled because they felt their lives were restrained or controlled by churches and yet others look back at their childhood years and early adolescence and remember the they were forced to go to attend church services so they simply burned-out.

What should me and you do?

If we are going to reach the unchurched, we need to give our time to listen, to share the gospel through our words and actions. Let us cultivate our relationships with the unchurched as a joyful response to Jesus who gave up everything for us. But, our goal should be not to get the unchurched just back to church, that is just more religion. The goal should be to show Jesus to them, Love them and invite them to be friends with Jesus whether of not they ever attend church.


Have you ever sat down to think about the depth of your vows? Do you know what it means ” To have and to hold…..”

Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with my friends and when I went home, I had another interesting conversation with myself! Yes I speak to myself sometimes but no, not loudly. Only in my mind. The vow to have and to hold is such a huge promise to one another, it is the promise for physical connection with one another. It means that you belong to one another. Do not get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you are now a property of each other. It just means that you are committing to fulfilling each other’s physical and emotional needs.

Believe it or not, when you neglect to fulfill this vow for whatever reason, you are inviting division in you marriage. The key is making time for each other, and each other’s needs.

My intention today was not become a marriage counsellor. I was just thinking and again talking to myself…..

Obedience [Disobedience]

Image result for the fall of man

Yesterday I preached to about 35 primary school children on obedience and I used the fall of man as a good example to show that disobedience will result into punishment. But as I was preaching, something came to mind, I realised that maybe its too late to teach a 10 year old obedience. What are we doing as parents to make sure that before we send our children to school, we have instilled good manners in them? Everything we need to do should be done before the age of 3 otherwise we are giving the teachers such a hard-time and we later blame them for not doing what we should have done.

Isn’t also true that our bad habits will follow us through life? If we do not play our role, we shall create a bad mannered new generation and the cycle will continue.

Let us not leave the responsibility of shaping our children to teachers and the religious leaders. It is our sole responsibility as parents to “Train up a child in the way he should go; Even when he is old he will not depart from it”. If we do not do that, then we too are disobedient.

Should we be punished?

Today I see 44

Today is my birthday simply because i was born 44 years ago on the 10/07. My story is quite interesting. I should have been born 2 months later which should have made me a September baby instead of a July baby but I came earlier! I have never tried to wonder why because I know that God wanted me to be here earlier maybe to be apart of a certain history. I am happy being a July baby and today I turn 44.

The age 44 is special because its a double digit number but also because it is not 43. In the bible, 44 is the number of chosen people. So I will take this very seriously this year and accept to go and serve the Lord. My 43 was quite confusing. The devil attacked me at the core of my life and I was scattered, conflicted and lost. I believe that as I head out into 44 I have figured out so many things and I am holding strongly to the Lord.

Thank you Lord for 44.


Amidst all my pain and loss, I felt like my life didn’t make sense anymore. I searched for hope and even though I knew where to find it, I couldn’t find a safe place. I needed a place that I could call home. I place where I could be vulnerable and not be judged. I walked around like a zombie and church became something I did every Sunday. I never doubted the love of Christ and the existence of God but I felt like I needed to repent for all the sins that were committed by my ancestors in order for God to forgive me and stop the pain.

A few months after the death of my sister, I was introduced to a discipleship class by one of my cousins and at the same time, I enrolled into a marriage counselling class (not that my marriage was on the rocks) but I felt like I needed to hear everything that the Lord wanted to say to me. I joined the Mizizi class and the Ndoa class and the best part was that I found a space where people could listen to me and a Pastor who spoke directly to me through his summons. Mavuno church rescued me.

I started putting the pieces of my life together. My purpose was still blurred but I felt the love of God around me and the reassurance of a better life ahead. Through the church, I have met wonderful people who started walking with me, I didn’t know my destination but I knew that I was walking to a safe place.